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3 Benefits of a Heated Pool May 24, 2019

Mebane, Alamance
3 Benefits of a Heated Pool, Mebane, North Carolina

Whether heated or unheated, swimming pools are excellent sources of recreation, exercise, and socialization. But, when they have a swimming pool heater, they offer some distinct benefits that unheated pools simply do not possess. Here, a few of these benefits are discussed in more detail.

3 Reasons to Install a Swimming Pool Heater

1. Maintain Comfort

Sure, that first jump into an ice-cold pool might be invigorating and get the blood pumping, but it's also going to be extremely chilly and uncomfortable. Depending on a person's weight, age, and general health, it can take a considerable amount of time for the body to adjust to cold water—and, in many cases, the water will never feel more than barely tolerable. With a heated pool, the water maintains a warm, consistent temperature. You can focus on the fun of your pool rather than keeping warm.

2. Prevent Damage

With no swimming pool heater, the water can freeze once temperatures drop below a certain point. This can lead to significant property damage, such as a cracked pool lining, broken or buckled tiles, and burst pipes. A heater ensures a consistent flow of warm water, and warm, moving water is much less apt to freeze and cause damage to your property.

3. Extended Use

swimming pool heaterAn unheated pool can only really be used effectively during the hottest times of the year. Once those weeks have passed, or the sun has gone down for the day, the pool is virtually unusable. But, you can enjoy a heated pool much more often, which is perfect for those years when summer starts early or ends late. Also, a heated pool is far more appealing for a nighttime or early-morning dip — times when the sun may not be able to provide an additional source of heat.


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