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What is Grappling? September 24, 2019

Scarsdale, Westchester
What is Grappling?, Scarsdale, New York

Grappling is a term that people who practice martial arts are familiar with. It involves a combination of techniques that must be executed with precision. If you’re looking for a new technique to try in martial arts, grappling can provide a range of benefits for your body and mind.

An Introduction to Grappling in Martial Arts

What It Is

martial artsGrappling describes martial arts disciplines that don’t involve the use of weapons or striking. The goal of the art is to either escape your opponent, force them to submit, or a gain physical advantage over them. Some common techniques that you may use in grappling include a takedown (forcing the opponent to the ground from a standing position), throwing (throwing the opponent off-balance), or submission holds (positions that could allow you to force your opponent to submit).

How It Benefits You

Grappling requires using a wide range of muscle groups, so it provides benefits for the entire body. It requires engaging these muscles for extended periods, rather than short bursts of activity, for endurance. Athletes improve both their physical strength and stamina as they engage these muscles for long periods. They must learn to use their strength and maneuvers to take control of their opponent, which improves mental focus and patience. A study conducted on Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes—a grappling sport—found that they had low body fat, were flexible and had strong aerobic power. 



If you want to learn to defend yourself while enjoying some mental and physical benefits, grappling is the technique for you. 914 Training Center in Scarsdale, NY, transforms minds and bodies through a mixture of Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, and Krav Maga fighting. Students of all ages and experience levels are welcome. Learn more about their martial arts classes by visiting their website and call (914) 437-5353 to sign up.

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