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3 Fire Safety Tips for Pet Owners May 28, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Fire Safety Tips for Pet Owners, Lincoln, Nebraska

Fire safety should always be kept in mind, but it becomes even more pressing when you have pets in the house. When there are cats and dogs around, the likelihood of an accident and eventual fire damage repair increases. However, with the right safety precautions in place, you can mitigate much of the risk.

How Pet Owners Can Decrease the Need for Fire Damage Repair

1. Give Up Flame Candles

While an old-fashioned flame candle can create a cozy ambiance, it’s an enticing object to a cat or dog. It’s especially common for a cat to accidentally (or purposefully) tip one over, since they are comfortable climbing on furniture and are innately curious creatures. Invest in battery-operated candles to decrease this risk, and still get achieve that warm glow in your home.

2. Address Your Stove Knobs

fire damage repairThe stove is another potential source of a fire if your pets meddle with the knobs. Again, these objects can appeal to the curiosity of your dog or cat, so it’s wise to remove them when you’re not home. Alternatively, you can purchase special stove knob coverings, which will block any paws from starting a larger flame. 

3. Monitor All Open Flames

Any time there’s an open flame in your home, it’s paramount that someone monitors it at all times. That way, you can intercede if a pet gets too close. Otherwise, a cat or dog could burn themselves in the fireplace while also bringing the flame into the room. There are similar concerns if you decide to light a candle (perhaps for religious or memorial reasons), or if you’re cooking on the stovetop. 


Although taking the necessary precautions can decrease the risk of a fire, it’s still smart to be prepared for accidents. If flames damage your home, trust the fire damage repair experts at All Care Restorations in Lincoln, NE. Bringing more than two decades of experience, they’ll help you restore your home to its previous pristine condition. The family-owned and -operated business is known for their swift response times, which can make all the difference when it comes to fire damage repair. To make an appointment with the experienced crew, call (402) 421-3779, or learn more about their services online

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