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4 Foods That Pair Perfectly With Tequila May 28, 2019

Flatbush, Brooklyn
4 Foods That Pair Perfectly With Tequila, Brooklyn, New York

Tequila is largely known because of its association with margaritas and other cocktails, but the distilled spirit is considerably more sophisticated than this singular reputation might have you believe. It’s served in a number of ways and is derived from the blue weber agave plant. Different fermentation processes yield different flavors, which accounts for the liquid’s versatility. The next time you enjoy a glass, consider eating one of these meals alongside it.

Which Foods Go Well With Tequila?

1. Seafood

Crisp white tequila boasts a rich connection with its origins; it possesses a hint of agave-like aroma, and this natural state makes it an amiable partner for something equally light, brisk, and flavorful. Seafood is an excellent choice, particularly something flaky like citrus-topped salmon. A side of fruit salad makes a healthy complement to this meal.

2. Tacos

Brooklyn, NY concreteIf you’re sipping a “silver” tequila, it’s the type traditionally blended into your cocktail of choice. There are many options to pair with a margarita or another mixed drink, of course, but few are as suitable for tequila as tacos. The popular street food can be as light or as rich as you like, but it’s best to stick with something lighter to create a balanced meal that doesn’t overwhelm the flavor of the drink. Fish and beans are always classic, reliable fillings.

3. Meat

If you’re a meat lover and you can’t get enough of a juicy steak, you may wonder if tequila is the right choice to pair with your meal. In truth, it all depends on the tequila. Aged varieties are typically best for cuts of meat because they help balance the fat content.

4. Dessert

While tequila isn’t typically known as a common addition to dessert, it does make a lovely partner for your favorite sweet treat when you prepare a low-calorie cocktail on the side. The idea is to pair it with something that’s particularly rich and creamy, such as flan, pudding, or cheesecake.


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