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3 Lesser-Known Clothing Alterations May 24, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
3 Lesser-Known Clothing Alterations, Manhattan, New York

Most people know that tailors can take your clothing in, fix torn seams, and adjust the shape and fit. However, there are also lesser-known, but useful clothing alterations that are worth asking your tailor about. Here are a few you should know about. 

A Guide to Unique Clothing Alterations 

1. Zipper Repairs

If your favorite pair of jeans or coat doesn’t zip properly, there’s no need to replace it. Generally, it can be repaired. For instance, a tailor will get the zipper unstuck or fix missing teeth at the top or bottom. If the zipper is badly damaged, a tailor will remove and replace the fastening.

2. Vintage Clothing Alterations 

Clothing AlterationsVintage jeans may look good on the rack, but they are often uncomfortable to wear. To help, a tailor can take in the legs, turn a flared or bell bottom pattern into a straight one, bring in the waist, or move the pockets. They can also rework other clothing items like vintage jackets. For example, they will adjust the sleeves and shoulders for a more modern fit.

3. Adding a Closure

If you have a dress that's just a little too small, seams can be let out to make it bigger. However, if the issue is the cut rather than the size—for example, the waist is the right size, but the dress is too narrow to pull over your hips—a tailor will make it easier to put it on by opening up a seam and adding a zipper to give you extra room. This often isn’t an option for more delicate fabrics, but it’s always worth asking.


If you need a midtown tailor's help to update your wardrobe, visit 6 Avenue Tailor in Manhattan. This one-stop shop offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their work and provides same-day clothing alterations if needed. To discuss your project, call (212) 593-1925. Visit them online to learn more about their services.

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