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Prime Areas for Roofing Leaks May 28, 2019

Kearney, Buffalo County
Prime Areas for Roofing Leaks, Kearney, Nebraska

Whether due to storm damage or normal wear and tear over time, you might notice leaks coming from the ceiling during rainy weather conditions. Certain parts of your roofing may be more vulnerable to punctures and deterioration than others. Here are some of the most common places you might observe them, as well as prevention tips.

4 Areas of the Roof That Tend to Leak

1. Vents

Your roof has vents, which resemble small pipes and are responsible for removing moisture from your home. Though sealed into place with flashing and rubber, these materials may crack and degrade over time, resulting in roof leaks. Schedule roofing inspections periodically, and have the vents resealed if necessary. 

2. Chimneys 

roofingMost chimneys have covers that prevent rainwater from getting into your home. However, cracks and deteriorated flashing may result in roof leaks. Therefore, if you notice condensation inside your fireplace or hear water dripping from someplace unseen, have a contractor take a look at your chimney to make sure it is watertight and properly sealed. 

3. Shingles

Broken shingles are among the most common causes of roof leaks and typically occur due to strong winds. You may also notice bald spots on your roof where the wind has removed shingles entirely. These will need to be replaced; if the damage covers a majority of the surface, a new roof may be necessary.

4. Valleys

The valley of your roof is where the two planes join. When this area is not sealed properly, water may leak into your home during storms. During your yearly inspection, your contractor will inspect the valley sealant for signs of weakness and perform any required repairs. 


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