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5 Ways to Preserve Car Paint May 24, 2019

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5 Ways to Preserve Car Paint , Groton, Connecticut

Auto paint gives your car a sleek finish that boosts its overall appeal. However, this resource offers much more than cosmetic benefits. It also helps protect the structure of your auto body from rust, which keeps your car’s value up. That’s why it’s critical to keep this protective layer in good shape at all times. To help your vehicle maintain a flawless exterior, here are five tips for preserving your car’s paint.

5 Tips to Keep Your Auto Paint in Good Condition

1. Wash Often

The longer dirt and other debris sit on your car, the more damage they can cause to your paint. Some substances, such as bird droppings, may even leave lingering stains. To prevent these issues, wash your car at least once every two weeks with a soap that’s optimized for auto bodies. After rinsing, use a chamois cloth to dry the surface for a streak-free shine.

2. Decontaminate With Clay

If your vehicle’s exterior feels rough or grimy after you’ve washed it, it likely has a buildup of contaminants that can’t be removed through standard detailing. Since these components can be destructive to car paint, it’s important to remove them with the help of a clay bar about once every three months. To complete this process, apply a generous amount of clay lubricant to a small area and gently glide the clay across the section. Once the clay has become dirty, flip or fold it to create a fresh surface, and continue the process.

3. Wax

auto bodyEvery three months, apply car wax after washing and claying to seal out moisture and other harmful components. To start, apply a small amount of wax to a sponge or foam applicator. Next, gently rub the applicator with circular motions in small sections to apply a thin layer of wax.

4. Cover Your Car

Many outdoor elements, including bird droppings, tree sap, UV rays, dirt, and moisture, can damage the quality of auto paint. That’s why it’s best to keep your vehicle covered when possible, such as by parking it in a garage or under a carport.

5. Promptly Address Auto Body Problems

Whether it’s a scratch or a dent, any auto body damage can compromise the outer layer of paint and leave your car vulnerable to corrosion. To keep the problem from growing out of control, it’s best to visit a collision repair specialist as soon as possible to restore the integrity of the surface.



If your car’s paint has been compromised, turn to Groton Auto Body & Sales for a complete restoration. Based in Groton, CT, this shop is equipped to provide all types of auto body services to keep your vehicle intact, including scratch and dent removal. Using high-quality products, these specialists will carefully match your car’s original color and ensure the new paint is flawlessly applied. To learn more about these services, visit this collision repair company online or call a friendly expert at (860) 449-9120.

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