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3 Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioning System May 23, 2019

Perry, Lake
3 Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioning System, Perry, Ohio

Homeowners interested in learning more about highly efficient air conditioning systems might be curious about ductless units. This modern option for heating and cooling offers a host of benefits that individuals with traditional forced air systems may not realize. Here are a few advantages of a ductless air conditioning system to keep in mind.

Why Consider a Ductless AC System?

1. Energy Savings

Perhaps the greatest advantage for homeowners is that ductless systems allow for maximum indoor comfort. Standard systems cool the entire home to one single temperature, and that air is simply wasted in rooms that aren’t in use. But ductless units effortlessly cool only specific areas of the house — or “zones” — to your desired temperature. That amounts to considerable energy savings and allows you to remain comfortable whether you want it slightly warmer or cooler in any room in the house.

2. Simple Install

air conditioningDuctless air conditioning units are simple for skilled HVAC technicians to install. This contemporary cooling system requires only an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor unit, behind which a three-inch hole is drilled into the wall. Refrigerant lines and electrical components are fed through this opening to connect the two parts. This process is relatively quick; the number of ductless zones situated in the home may add to installation time, but it’s less time-consuming than installing a forced air system.

3. Quiet Operation

If you currently have a standard system or a window unit, then you may be familiar with the telltale whirring or humming noise that occurs when it cycles on. By comparison, ductless units are nearly silent during operation. That’s key when you don’t want to be disturbed at night or generally find air conditioning noises distracting.


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