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5 Ways to Help Your Elderly Parents May 20, 2019

Sayler Park, Cincinnati
5 Ways to Help Your Elderly Parents, Cincinnati, Ohio

As they get older, your parents will rely on you as much as you once relied on them. This requires caring for them in many aspects of their lives, such as their finances, or how they want their memorial service arranged. While they might currently be in perfect health, working with them from now will make caring for them in the future easier.

5 Ways You Can Help Your Elderly Parents 

1. Provide Financial Stability

Understanding your parents’ financial situation will help with the long-term planning of their care. There are expensive variables to consider, like being able to afford an assisted living facility if their health changes, or if they can afford their own memorial service. Knowing your parents’ limitations will give you an idea of how you can help them. Government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, are designed to help seniors ease their financial difficulties.

2. Monitor Their Health StatusMemorial service

An increase in doctor’s appointments is an inevitable part of the aging process. Elderly people are at higher risks of illnesses and chronic conditions. Sometimes those situations can be managed by medication. In others, you may need to consider assisted living or at-home help to ensure your parents are as comfortable as possible.

3. Include Them in Important Discussions

Instead of making decisions for them, discuss your concerns openly and honestly. As they get older, your parents will have less control over their lives, and that will be hard for them to accept. Let them know that you’re only trying to help, and try not to make any major decisions without consulting them first.

4. Improve Home Safety

Mobility becomes more difficult the older you get. If your parents live in a two-story house, consider downsizing. If they live in a condo or apartment, make sure they have access to an elevator. Most of all, make sure their home is safe by adding handrails in the bathroom and keeping appliances within reach. Both Medicare and Medicaid even cover the cost of home health care nurses, who can help your parents around the house.  

5. Help Them Make Final Arrangements

This is a sensitive topic that nobody wants to discuss, but the right memorial service will give your parents the tribute they deserve, and help your family cope with their loss. Encourage your parents to decide how they want to be remembered, so their memorial service reflects the wonderful lives they’ve led.    




If your parents need a assistance with their final arrangements, Brater-Winter Funeral Home is here to help. For 75 years, they have provided personalized memorial services that commemorate and honor your loved ones. They also offer follow-up assistance for family members to help with matters like social security and insurance paperwork. If you’re in the Cincinnati area, call (513) 941-1940 to speak to one of their compassionate representatives. For more information on their services, such as video tributes, veterans benefits, and grief counseling, visit their website.

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