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4 Auto Part Problems That Decrease Gas Mileage May 20, 2019

East Hamilton, Hamilton
4 Auto Part Problems That Decrease Gas Mileage, Hamilton, Ohio

Many factors decrease gas mileage, including driving in stop-and-start traffic, speeding, keeping extra weight in the vehicle, and skipping routine oil changes. Faulty or failing parts also contribute to poor gas mileage and more visits to the pump, but quality used auto parts provide cost-effective replacements. Below are a few components that cause the most problems.

Used Auto Parts That Affect Gas Mileage When They Go Bad

1. Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor in your vehicle’s exhaust system regulates the air and fuel mixture and is connected to the car’s computer. Designed to last over 100 miles, this sensor can become encrusted with combustion byproducts, including oil ash, fuel additives, sulfur, and lead. This reduces the part’s voltage and sensor capabilities, causing the computer to send more fuel to the engine than necessary.

2. Air Filterused auto parts

Engines require steady airflow to function at optimal levels, as air mixes with gasoline to create a spark that turns the wheels. When your car’s air filter doesn’t receive regular cleaning, it becomes clogged with dust and other pollutants that impede engine performance. The engine must make up for the lack of air by using more fuel.

3. Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors deliver gasoline to the engine. They decrease gas mileage when they become clogged or start to leak from assorted damages, resulting in wasted fuel and inefficient engine combustion.

4. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs provide the spark that ignites engine combustion. As they wear out or become coated with carbon soot, they prevent the engine from burning fuel efficiently. Using the wrong fuel additives can also cause spark plug issues as the parts become too hot. This prevents the engine cylinders and combustion chamber from operating correctly, resulting in oil leaks and lower gas mileage.


If you need to replace any of these components to maintain your fuel economy, find what you need at Marcell’s in Hamilton, OH. The towing center sells quality used auto parts for affordable prices to keep your maintenance costs down. Call (513) 867-8889 today with questions or if you need towing services. Learn more about used auto parts online.

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