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Should I Choose an Island or Peninsula For My Kitchen Remodeling? May 22, 2019

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Should I Choose an Island or Peninsula For My Kitchen Remodeling?, Nunda, New York

Kitchen remodeling comes with an array of decisions to ensure the final product is the perfect design for your needs. When it comes to deciding between an island or peninsula, understanding the benefits of both will make it easier to choose which is best for your space. Here is a breakdown of each.

How to Choose Between an Island & Peninsula


kitchen remodelingIslands are free-standing structures that offer access to all four sides. These kitchen remodeling features offer ample storage space and usable surfaces for cooking, prepping, and entertaining. Because it’s not connected to anything else in the room, and it must have at least three feet of space around the perimeter for easy mobility, an island is best in larger kitchens.

These structures are also ideal for maintaining an open floor plan since there are no barriers or walls cutting off the area. Because they’re a separate structure, they’re available in many shapes, sizes, and designs, including rectangles and squares. Some kitchen remodeling contractors have incorporated u-shaped and even trapezoidal concepts into their designs.


A peninsula is connected on one end to kitchen counters or a wall and is open on three sides. This design is beneficial for smaller or narrow kitchens with limited space. Peninsulas also close off a section of the kitchen because they create a border, which can be useful if you want to make a distinction between the cooking and dining areas.

These structures are an ideal solution when you need more work and storage space, but you have limited square footage. They are also easy to add to existing kitchens without completely redoing the entire space or sacrificing other important areas. When adding the structure, make sure to match existing kitchen cabinets and counters to keep the flow of the room intact.



When you have decided which kitchen remodeling concept is right for you, trust Modern Home to help you install it. For almost 50 years, this remodeling contractor has brought their expertise and eye for design to kitchen and bathroom designs throughout the Nunda, NY, area. With the best materials available and top brands such as Formica®, Moen®, and American Standard®, the team will ensure your next home renovation project meets your space, budget, and design standards. Call (585) 468-2721 to get started or visit them online for a look at their kitchen and bathroom remodeling gallery.

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