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Why You Should Participate in Ink Cartridge Recycling May 22, 2019

Charleston, Staten Island
Why You Should Participate in Ink Cartridge Recycling, Staten Island, New York

Many of the items in your office space have an expiration date—however, that doesn’t mean you have to throw them out. Printer ink cartridges, for example, can be recycled, and modern offices go through enough of these to impact the environment. If you’ve yet to get involved with an ink cartridge recycling program, consider the following reasons why you should.

3 Reasons to Take Part in Ink Cartridge Recycling

1. Conserve Resources

While your printer ink cartridges might not fill up a trash bag, they require a considerable amount of non-renewable natural resource to manufacture. In addition to the aluminum, timber, minerals, water, and oil used in the production of these essential office supplies, the transportation methods used to deliver them to stores also require gas and other fossil fuels. Recycled cartridges can be used to make refurbished cartridges, cutting down on the consumption of precious natural resources.

2. Save Money

ink cartridge recyclingSince recycled cartridges require less natural resources to remanufacture, they cost less for consumers to buy. Therefore, you can lower your office supply expenses just by joining in. Plus, if you find an ink cartridge recycling program that offers cash for donations, you can turn your old, discarded supplies into real money.

3. Reduce Landfill Waste

If you simply throw out your ink cartridges, they’ll eventually make it to a landfill, where they will sit for over 1,000 years. Throughout this period, the cartridges will decompose among many other types of waste, emitting chemicals like carcinogens that pollute the earth and atmosphere. The faster landfills fill up, the more crowded and polluted our planet becomes. Luckily, you can lower your carbon footprint and enjoy peace of mind by participating in an ink cartridge recycling program.


If you’re hoping to adopt greener practices around your office, get in touch with Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. of Staten Island, NY. They are proud to offer cash for customers through their ink cartridge recycling program. This remanufactured printer cartridge company began in 1993, and they provide lasting printer and computer repairs. For more information on their services, visit the website. You can also call (718) 317-1263 to find out how to recycle your cartridges today.

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