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A Quick Guide to Solar Panels & Homeowners Associations May 29, 2019

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A Quick Guide to Solar Panels & Homeowners Associations, Old Lyme, Connecticut

Solar panels are sometimes rejected by homeowners associations (HOAs) across the country, often due to aesthetic factors. Whether your association can prevent you from installing a solar system depends in part on where you live, as some states have more detailed solar access and laws than others. If you are concerned about solar power becoming a problem with your HOA, use this brief guide to make the process smoother.

Solar Panels & Your Homeowners Association

Solar Laws

A type of state law, solar access laws protect homeowners who want to install solar systems on their properties. They prohibit or at least limit HOA interference, as these associations can still create regulations for panel installations. Solar easements protect homeowners from neighbors or contractors who would plant trees or erect structures that cast shadows and block sunlight from reaching the panels. If you live in a state that does not provide these legal protection options, it’s still worth looking into solar power. Review your HOA solar regulations to determine if any loopholes exist, such as installing panels on non-street-facing sides of your home.

Reaching a Compromise

solar panelsOnce you have thoroughly researched state laws and HOA guidelines, submit your proposal to the association providing as much detail as possible. Include blueprints and images, as well as information about the type of solar panels you wish to install. Also, stress the many benefits of solar power, such as energy savings, supporting the local economy, and property value increases. Solar panels also help your HOA market itself as environmentally conscious. If they won’t budge, solicit support from other homeowners or look into alternatives, such as solar shingles.


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