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4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Scale Modeling May 22, 2019

Jacksonville, Pulaski
4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Scale Modeling, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Creating model scenery is just one of the many parts of becoming a scale model hobbyist. Creating miniatures and their surrounding environments is a relaxing and fun past time, but one that requires problem-solving expertise and patience. Here are some tips to help beginners and experts alike improve their modeling skills.

How to Take Your Scale Modeling Skills to the Next Level

1. Start Simple

Many beginners take on models that are very complex and time-consuming. It can be easy to get discouraged when trying to do a big project for your first model. Instead, start small and work your way up to more significant projects. For example, begin by painting a train set and then move on to creating the model scenery, piece by piece. This will help you build confidence and skills.

2. Study the Real Thing

The goal of many scale model hobbyists is to create a miniature version of a real thing. To ensure what you’re making matches its larger counterpart, study the regular-sized item in its natural habitat. That means taking time to learn about trains, cars, airplanes, or even Star Wars space ships so you can use that knowledge to ensure your model is a spitting image.

3. Have Everything on Hand 

model scenery Pulaski County ARIt’s frustrating to be in the middle of a modeling project only to find you’re missing a critical supply. Collect all the basics like epoxy and super glue, tweezers, paint brushes, a hobby knife, and a variety of tapes so you can tackle an entire project without having to stop and run to the store.

4. Read the Instructions Thoroughly

If you're using a scale modeling kit, everything from the watercraft or plane to the model scenery will come with directions. Read this document thoroughly at least twice before beginning. This way, you’ll gain insight into the sequencing and will be less likely to make a mistake that could harm the quality of your project.


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