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3 Activities Perfect for Vision-Impaired Seniors July 3, 2019

Lakeville, Livingston
3 Activities Perfect for Vision-Impaired Seniors, Lakeville, New York

There’s a lot to do upon learning an aging loved one is vision-impaired. For example, it may be necessary to modify all living spaces and hire a home aide to help out during the day. Practicalities aside, you should also think about ways to improve their quality of life. Fortunately, there are tons of activities that are both safe and enjoyable for vision-impaired seniors. 

How Vision-Impaired Seniors Can Still Have Fun

1. Swimming

It can be hard for seniors who are losing their sight to get in enough physical activity. Fortunately, swimming is low-impact and does not pose a risk of slipping or falling. Your relative will still require supervision, though, so make sure you or the home aide always accompanies them to the pool.

2. Playing Games

home aideDid you know playing card games and board games can prevent cognitive decline? And thanks to large-print and braille versions, even those who are nearing blindness can reap the benefits. If your loved one’s sight is going, invest in a few games that you can play together regularly.

3. Listening to Music

The digital age has made it easier than ever to listen to both new music and old favorites. Whether your relative was a fan of Louis Armstrong, Artie Shaw, or Glenn Miller, you’ll be able to find all their favorite tracks online. Whenever possible, take some time out to relax, listen to music, and reminisce.


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