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Why You Should Reward Your Child’s Good Behavior With Ice Cream May 20, 2019

Mililani - Waipio - Melemanu, Ewa
Why You Should Reward Your Child’s Good Behavior With Ice Cream, Ewa, Hawaii

Ice cream isn’t just a delicious treat that you can enjoy with the whole family. It can also be a useful reward to help teach your children how to behave. Here’s how trips to the ice cream parlor can serve as the perfect reward system to positively reinforce good behavior.

3 Benefits of Rewarding Kids With Ice Cream

1. Encourages Repeat Behavior

If your kids learn they’ll get to go out for ice cream when they get a good grade or finish all of their chores for the week, you might be surprised at how quickly they’ll start taking care of their responsibilities. Having the chance to earn a reward will give them the motivation to keep up that good behavior.

2. Changes Bad Habits

ice creamOn the other end of the spectrum, your kids will be less likely to repeat bad behavior if they know it will impact their chances of going out for ice cream. Withholding this treat is a way to underline which negative habits to break in the same way you might take away game consoles or forbid a child from going out with their friends.

3. Creates a Positive Environment

The more time your child spends in a good mood, the better their behavior will be overall. Using positive reinforcement rather than relying on punishments creates a happy home life for your entire family. Additionally, since going out for ice cream is an experience rather than just a tangible item, it also helps your kids create positive memories with your family.


If you want to reward your kids for their good behavior by taking them out for ice cream, head to Blue Bubble Creamery in Mililani, HI. The shop is known for its rolled ice cream, but also serves a variety of other desserts like boba tea and milkshakes. Popular flavors include the Cookie Monster and Cott-on Cloud-9. They also have a variety of toppings available for guests to customize their creations. Check out photos of their treats online, or call (808) 200-1036 to inquire about their menu.