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3 Ways to Custom Tailor a Wedding Dress May 30, 2019

New York, New York
3 Ways to Custom Tailor a Wedding Dress, New York, New York

A stunning, personalized wedding dress plays an integral role in making your ceremony so special. It’s rare you’ll find something truly unique to you in a store, which is why it’s best to custom tailor your gown. Working with a professional tailor has endless possibilities, and you can count on a beautiful result that is sure to impress.

3 Ideas to Custom Tailor a Wedding Gown

1. Find the Right Sleeves

Sleeves play an important role in emphasizing your figure and giving your wedding dress texture and depth. Consider options based on where the wedding will take place and the style you want. Try shorter sleeves for an outdoor wedding. You can custom tailor translucent lace sleeves or longer, more traditional ones that feature patterns and embellishments. When you visit a tailor, they can apply various fabrics and designs to see what fits your vision.

2. Embellish

custom tailorIf you’re satisfied with the overall design of the dress but still want to add character, consider embellishments. Small fabric adornments can be sewed or glued on, as well as intricate raised patterns and other features. You can match the style to the motif of your wedding. If you’re using a dress passed down through your family, this is also a great way to add a personal touch while maintaining its overall essence.

3. Design a Custom Bustle

Your bustle is what holds everything in place and is especially important for long trains. Without it, you’ll have trouble moving freely and dancing after the ceremony. Customization is about comfort too, so work with a tailor to create a bustle that meets your needs. There are several styles to choose from, including ballroom, over, and under.



To create a truly unforgettable wedding dress, turn to the professionals at Wo’s Custom Tailoring. Serving Manhattan residents for over 40 years, this custom tailor offers a variety of alterations and solutions. Whether you’re altering wedding dresses, require leather repair or just general tailoring, they’ll work with you to create something that meets all your needs. Call (212) 988-9889 to schedule an appointment. You can visit their website to learn more about their services.

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