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4 Ways to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Roof May 27, 2019

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4 Ways to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Roof, Northeast Dallas, Texas

Preparation is key when it comes to preserving the condition of your roof during a storm. Otherwise, rogue winds could cause bits of debris to become airborne and create varying levels of damage. Unsure where to start to get ready? Here is a simple checklist you can follow to avoid the need for storm damage roof repair.

4 Tips for Protecting Your Roofing Before a Storm

1. Schedule an Inspection

Materials that show signs of deterioration won’t stand a chance in a storm. Scheduling an inspection at the start of the season will provide the information you need to move forward. Whether it’s repairing a hidden leak or replacing a few shingles, taking care of any existing issues before storms arrive will go a long way toward preserving the roof’s condition.

2. Clean Out the Gutters

storm damage roof repairLeaves and twigs tend to collect within the gutters and obstruct water flow. As such, water can get under the eaves and increase the potential for interior damage, resulting in the need for storm damage roof repair. Ensure that the rainwater gets where it needs to go by clearing out the gutters and bagging up the debris at least once a month.

3. Trim Back Branches

Nearby trees can easily cause shingles to come loose as they blow about in the wind. The branches themselves can also break off during a storm and dent the roofing. Trimming back branches that are touching or close to touching your home should be enough to protect the materials from immediate danger.

4. Secure the Flashing

Flashing is the material that lines the joints along the surface of your roof. It’s usually made from thin metal, and it prevents water from getting into the home. Since some of the edges may come loose after several years, checking to validate their condition is essential for preventing a need for storm damage roof repair.


Ensure that your roof is storm ready by connecting with 3 Kings Roofing LLC. Serving Texas and Colorado, they specialize in both residential and commercial services. Each of their roofing contractors is fully insured and highly trained in the latest storm damage roof repair techniques. With lifetime warranties and competitive rates, it’s easy to see why these professionals are considered the best in the region. Call (972) 591-3303 to schedule a free assessment or visit their website for additional information on their residential services.

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