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What Is the Internet of Things? May 22, 2019

East Northport, Suffolk County
What Is the Internet of Things?, East Northport, New York

The internet of things is a broad term used to describe the interconnection between electronic devices. These objects are embedded with internet features that allow them to transmit, store, and receive data and be remotely managed and controlled. As access to IT services and connectivity have become commonplace in virtually all types of businesses, the internet of things has grown. Here’s what you should know.

Characteristics of the Internet of Things

To be considered part of the internet of things, a connected device must be able to capture and communicate data. It also must have a certain amount of artificial intelligence, using the information gathered to anticipate the user's needs and to let them remotely manage the device. It is this intelligence that separates a device in the internet of things from one that is simply connected to the internet. This has several applications in user goods, such as smartwatches that can transmit data about your health and activities. It’s even more important in the business world.

Commercial Examples

There is an ever-expanding list of business applications that marry physical objects and the internet. Some examples include:

  • IT servicesHealth: In the health care industry, smart devices can allow for remote patient monitoring as well as transmitting symptoms and treatment responses to attending physicians. Ambulances, for example, are often connected to a computer at the hospital to inform doctors of the state of the incoming patient.
  • Manufacturing: Certain industries hire IT services to set up smart technology to minimize costly downtime; supply chain networks and maintenance records, for example, can predict when repairs will be necessary and adjust parts and personnel needs beforehand.
  • Property Management: Connected devices manage buildings through energy efficiency monitoring, security applications, and keeping tabs on maintenance issues and occupant behavior.
  • Transportation: Smart technology can help streamline businesses that provide transportation services, making it easier to manage logistical details, keep tabs on all the vehicles within the fleet, and track repairs and maintenance schedules.


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