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What's the Difference Between Trenchless & Traditional Sewer Line Repairs? May 28, 2019

Pine Grove, Amador
What's the Difference Between Trenchless & Traditional Sewer Line Repairs? , Pine Grove, California

Because your sewer line is buried deep in your yard, the plumbing repair process has historically been complicated and expensive. Fortunately, improvements in industry technology and methodology have changed the way it’s done. Two of the most popular techniques are trenchless and traditional repairs. Below is a guide to the differences between the two so you can decide which plumbing repair solution is right for you. 

Trenchless vs. Traditional Sewer Line Repair

How They Differ 
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Traditionally, a plumber would need to dig a trench in the yard the length of the line to get to the problem. This allowed them to handle the repairs or replace the plumbing altogether. New technology has made it possible to fix the line without any digging, however, in a process called trenchless plumbing repair. 

Your contractor will open the line on one end through an access point, then hook it up to a specialized machine. This machine blows an epoxy lining into the plumbing along the entire length of the line. They then insert a bladder, which they fill with air, to force the lining around the edges of the pipe. That epoxy lining fills all cracks and seals all leaks, creating a new and strong barrier for the line. 

Why People Choose Trenchless

The trenchless plumbing repair technique provides some key benefits. You will not have to disturb your landscaping. The fact that you can skip time-consuming digging and backfilling means that the project can be completed in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.

The reduced labor required makes this repair cost a fraction of the price of traditional repairs. Finally, the epoxy lining effectively fixes all weak spots in the line, providing a solution that can last for decades.


If your sewer line requires plumbing repairs, it’s well worth it to find a contractor who offers trenchless solutions. Amador Plumbing in Sutter Creek, CA, is the top choice for property owners throughout Amador, Calaveras, and El Dorado counties. This licensed plumber has the personnel, equipment, and experience to get the job done properly. Contact them online or by calling (209) 754-5444 to request an honest, upfront estimate. 

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