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4 FAQ About Motorcycle Insurance in Nebraska May 24, 2019

Woods Park, Lincoln
4 FAQ About Motorcycle Insurance in Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska

Motorcycle insurance, like auto insurance, is a collection of different coverage types that protect against a variety of unfortunate circumstances. In many states, it is required by law if you intend to operate a motorcycle on public roads. If you are a rider, below are some of the most crucial facts about motorcycle insurance in Nebraska.

What to Know About Motorcycle Insurance in Nebraska

Does Nebraska require motorcycle insurance?

Yes. To operate a motorcycle motorcycle insurance in Lincoln, NElegally on Nebraska roads, you must maintain bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000 per person, with a per-accident maximum of $50,000. You also need $25,000 of per-accident property damage liability coverage. This protects the financial interests of others if you are at fault in a motorcycle accident. Understand that it does not cover injuries to you or your passengers or damages to your bike.

What other coverage options should you consider?

To protect yourself, you should consider buying more than just the legal minimums. Collision coverage pays to repair or replace your bike, while comprehensive coverage takes care of non-collision losses like flood, fire, vandalism, and theft. Medical payment coverage is particularly needed for cyclists because a bike offers almost no protection if an accident should occur.

How can you reduce motorcycle insurance premiums?

Most insurers offer bundle discounts to policyholders who buy more than one policy from them. If you bundle auto coverage or homeowners insurance with your bike policy, you will often pay less for both. Also, insurers consider both your driving record and your credit history when setting prices. The cleaner each of these are, the less you will typically pay for coverage.

Can you reduce insurance premiums by wearing a helmet?

Nebraska insurers offer no insurance discounts for wearing a helmet. Helmets are legally required for all riders and passengers, regardless of their age.


For expert guidance creating a motorcycle insurance policy, contact Allstar Insurance in Lincoln, NE. They have served clients in and around Lancaster County since 1995. Along with motorcycle and auto insurance, they also specialize in homeowners, renters, mobile home, and RV insurance. Visit their website to view a map and office hours or call (402) 477-0900 to request a free insurance quote.

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