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Why Is Sun Protection for Hair Necessary? May 30, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
Why Is Sun Protection for Hair Necessary?, Manhattan, New York

Your spring and summer schedule is bound to include several outdoor activities. To protect yourself from the sun, you might use a sunscreen for your face and sunglasses for your eyes. However, the same care should be taken to shield your hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Doing so could prevent frequent trips to the hair salon to repair issues caused by sun damage, such as breakage and discoloration. To help you care for your locks, here are some of the reasons why you need sun protection.

Why Should I Protect My Hair From the Sun?

Skin Cancer

Your scalp is exposed at the hairline, part, and thinning areas. Like any other part of your body, this skin can develop cancer from prolonged exposure to the sun. To block the ultraviolet radiation that damages the cells, wear a hat to conceal the areas of skin on your head.

Hair Weakening & Discoloration

hair salonAfter spending time in the sun, you might notice that your hair feels stiff or like straw. That’s because sun exposure leaves hair dehydrated and dull. Its UVA and UVB rays also break down the cuticle layer, which protects the inner strands from damage. When this happens, hair becomes brittle, leading to breakage and splits ends. Much like bleach, sunlight can also alter the melanin in hair. When exposed to sunlight and oxygen, your hair will become lighter, which can fade any color treatment you’ve applied to it

If your hair is excessively damaged and dry, you may need a significant chop on your next trip to the hair salon to restore its healthy appearance. To keep your locks long and supple, wear a hat when you go outside. Raspberry seed oil is also a natural ingredient that will protect your hair from UV rays. Since chlorine and salt cause further dehydration, wash and condition after a dip in the pool or sea.


For more advice to protect tresses from UV and sun damage, visit Bloom Beauty Lounge in NYC. The team at this Chelsea-based hair salon will give you a fresh, new look for the summer, share tips to make your cut last longer, and provide moisturizing and restorative treatments to correct issues caused by spending time in the sun. They also offer an exclusive line of products to help you care for your hair at home. Visit them online to learn more about the staff, or call (212) 255-9355 to make an appointment at their hair salon.

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