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Why Get Physical Therapy After a Knee Replacement June 13, 2019

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Why Get Physical Therapy After a Knee Replacement, Gig Harbor Peninsula, Washington

If you’ve recently had a knee replacement surgery, physical therapy can help you move as you used to. Rehabilitation restores range of motion and ensures you adjust to your new joint as quickly as possible. To help you understand how you can benefit from this treatment, here’s further information about why therapy is necessary after surgery.

Why You Need Physical Therapy After a Knee Replacement

If you had your knee replaced, you might think that your pain and mobility issues are behind you. However, you still must give your joint continued attention to help it function as usual. 

After knee replacement surgery, you must exercise it to speed up recovery and prevent blood clots, which could be life-threatening. During your physical therapy sessions, your therapist will start you off with gentle stretches, like straightening your knee on a chair or pumping your ankles. This will help you regain strength and range of motion in your knee and reduce pain.physical therapy

As your knee gets stronger, your therapist may have you do more strenuous stretching exercises. They may also instruct you to apply heat or ice to your knee to reduce swelling and pain. The number of therapy sessions you need will depend on your unique needs and capabilities. 

How to Restore Your Usual Routine

While you’re probably anxious to get back to your normal routine after knee replacement surgery, it’s important not to rush the process to prevent strain. Continue to practice the exercises your physical therapist ordered and ease into your normal activities slowly. 

In most cases, patients can resume their schedule and drive about six weeks after surgery. However, you may still experience some swelling and pain for a few months. Use mobility aids, like crutches, when necessary and always wear shoes with supportive soles when you go outside to cushion the impact on your knee.


If you need physical therapy to help you restore your mobility, turn to Source Therapy in Gig Harbor, WA. This locally owned and operated company specializes in rehabilitation services and has helped countless patients bounce back from hip replacement surgeries and sports injuries. Their therapists design a customized program to meet your needs and help you get back on your feet. Visit their website for more information about their services or call (253) 857-4870 to schedule a session.