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3 Tips to Determine How Many Portable Toilets You Need May 20, 2019

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3 Tips to Determine How Many Portable Toilets You Need, South Fork, Missouri

Portable toilets are an integral and often overlooked aspect of planning an event. Whether it’s a small family reunion or major music festival, rent the right amount to ensure cleanliness and guest convenience. As you prepare, ask yourself the following questions to estimate how many port-a-potties you’ll need.

Factors to Consider When Renting Portable Toilets

1. Number of Guests

If you’re selling tickets to an event, this will help properly gauge attendance. On average, 50 guests will require one portable toilet. As this number increases, add toilets to the rental. Also, consider features; attendees with mobility limitations will need handicapped-accessible toilets, and you may also need children’s or family-sized toilets depending on the event’s age limit.

2. Event Lengthportable toilets

The longer the event, the more people will use the bathroom. For every few hours in duration, add another port-a-potty. For example, 50 guests at a 5-hour event will need at least two portable toilets. For day-long or multi-day events, units will need to be pumped and replaced. In the downtime, ensure there are plenty of toilets to compensate.

3. Size of the Location

Portable toilets must be conveniently located. If the event takes place on one acre, 50 guests can use one unit. If there are 50 guests on 10 acres, you’ll need more toilets placed in accessible locations. Keep grades in mind as well; port-a-potties should be on level ground. Weather can always change, so station toilets in high, dry areas where there’s no risk of flooding or sliding down muddy inclines.


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