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4 Considerations When Planning Flower Beds This Spring May 15, 2019

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4 Considerations When Planning Flower Beds This Spring, Sugar Land, Texas

Spring is a season of life and new growth, which means it’s the perfect time of year for landscaping work that adds color and beauty to your property. Flower beds are perfect for meeting these needs. No matter how anxious you are to begin, first take time to plan by considering these factors.

Design & Maintenance Elements for Spring Flower Beds

1. Color Pairings

Intentionally putting two types of plants together in a garden is called companion planting, and it’s a smart strategy for maximizing the beauty of your garden. When pairing, plant blossoms that make each other stand out. For example, combine blue flowers and white blooms, or yellow and purple ones, to enhance their vibrancy.

2. Watering Needsflower beds

Aesthetics shouldn’t be your only consideration when making these pairings. Think about which types of flowers have similar nutritional needs — water, sunlight, and soil. Because they’ll be planted in close quarters, both will receive the same level of attention. For instance, don’t plant succulents beside a bed of roses.

3. Height & Positioning

Keep spatial considerations in mind when planning your garden. Maximize the visibility of all plants by placing shorter ones in front and closer to the edges. Also, take seasons into account; some flowers bloom at different times of the year. To avoid bare patches in the garden, stagger plants by intended growing throughout the landscape.

4. Attraction & Repulsion of Creatures

Finally, consider not just which plants will be attractive to you, but also which will be appealing to the garden’s nonhuman visitors. If you have a dog, avoid primroses and lilies, which are poisonous to them. If you’re hoping to attract bees and butterflies, lavender is an excellent choice.


For help planning a garden, hire an expert to plot your flower beds. Residents of the Houston Metro area turn to the team at Colourscape Inc. For over 40 years, this landscape contractor service has assisted clients with everything from pool landscaping to general brainstorming for front and backyards. Their knowledgeable and creative staff members are trained in the best strategies to foster beauty in a landscape, and they back up their commitment to quality with a warranty on their work. Learn more today by visiting them online or calling (281) 277-6122.

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