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4 Mental Health Benefits of Painting May 20, 2019

4 Mental Health Benefits of Painting, ,

Art is one of the most popular pastimes. However, hosting a paint party isn’t just a fun way to spend time with friends and family. While this casual, social form of art therapy can be a memorable way to spend an evening, you’ll also gain a few mental health benefits. 

How Does Painting Improve Your Mental Health?

1. Improves Memory 

paint partyDrawing imprints thoughts in the human brain better than simply thinking, hearing, or seeing them. Many people host paint parties to create drawings of beloved pets. Consider hosting a paint party to memorialize dogs who have passed away or celebrate new furry members of the family.

2. Helps Express Emotions

People don’t always want to talk about their feelings. However, expressing emotions is key to mitigating pent-up anger and other negative feelings. Choosing different paint hues and then spreading them on the canvas offers emotional release—without having to come up with the words to explain yourself.

3. Reduces Depression & Anxiety Symptoms

Many individuals who have depression or anxiety can benefit from attending a paint party to use creativity to express themselves. Painting and art therapy can even reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and help individuals who have post-traumatic stress disorder.

4. Minimizes Stress

People are often under near-constant stress from their jobs and relationships. Partaking in creative activities can ease stress. Painting offers opportunities for people to focus on safely sharing their feelings and memories in a visual way that can induce relaxation. Plus, since paint parties can be held anywhere, you can bring the event to the person, reducing the potential for anxiety about having to go somewhere unfamiliar. 


If you’re looking to boost your mental health and host a unique gathering for loved ones to enjoy each other’s company, contact Artherapy Studios in St. Louis County, MO. The friendly, talented staff holds wine painting parties, birthday events, and bachelorette hangouts. Call the Maryland Heights-area mobile studio at (314) 249-2800 or visit their website for more information on their paint party options and classes for all sorts of occasions.