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3 Common AC Issues & How to Fix Them May 22, 2019

West Haven, New Haven County
3 Common AC Issues & How to Fix Them, West Haven, Connecticut

When your air conditioner isn’t working like it’s supposed to, indoor temperatures can be uncomfortable, especially on hot days. Most problems surrounding your unit can be avoided with regular inspections and maintenance work from an HVAC contractor. However, if you do experience trouble with your AC, here is some troubleshooting advice.

Common Reasons Why Your AC Isn’t Working Properly

1. Dirty Filter

Your air conditioner will be inefficient and consume more energy if the filter is clogged. Clean it at least once every six weeks. To do so, remove it, vacuum any debris or dust, put it in water, and wait for it to dry. If you check the filter and can’t shine a light through it, replace it. 

2. Thermostat Issues

HVAC contractorIf your thermostat is on the wrong setting, the AC may not turn on as often as it should. Have an HVAC contractor install a programmable thermostat to make the temperature control process more convenient. You will be able to operate it from anywhere with an internet connection. Also, make sure your thermostat is clean, not in direct contact with sunlight, and turned on. The sun can cause the thermostat to think the house is warmer than it actually is, causing it to turn on more often. 

3. Inadequate Airflow

Check the outdoor unit to see if any plants or debris are preventing air from circulating. If you have central air conditioning, allow two to three feet of clearance between the outdoor compressor and vegetation. Also, keep trees at a distance of five feet or more to prevent branches from constricting the airflow or damaging the unit.


If you’re having issues with your AC, contact Apple Oil in West Haven, CT. This HVAC contractor and heating oil company services residential customers in New Haven and Fairfield counties. They offer same-day heating oil delivery if you call by noon, and new customers get a discount on their first oil delivery. To learn more about their services, visit this HVAC contractor online. Call (203) 934-3835 to speak with a member of their team. 

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