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What's the Difference Between a Used Car & a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle? June 27, 2019

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What's the Difference Between a Used Car & a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?, Ponderay, Idaho

When it’s finally time to replace your vehicle, you’ll discover that many new and used car dealerships sell something called "certified pre-owned vehicles." These may seem similar to used cars, but there are several differences. Here’s a quick guide to help differentiate the two types of vehicles.

Used Cars

A used car is one that somebody else — either a private owner or a business — has previously owned and driven. It is likely from a previous model year and potentially has many miles on it. Because of the prior use, its value has probably depreciated considerably. Therefore, one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a used car versus buying new is the price savings. However, a used car rarely comes with more than a 30-day warranty, unless it still has months and mileage remaining on the original manufacturer warranty. In other words, for the price reduction, you take a risk that the previous owner may not have driven it conservatively or maintained it properly.

Certified Pre-Owned VehiclesUsed car

Some cars arrive at a used car dealership in such pristine condition and with so few miles that they are still worth a premium. For such vehicles, the dealer will often perform a 150-point inspection of the interior, exterior, and engine to determine what, if anything, needs to be fixed. They'll make any necessary repairs and include Warranty Forever® on almost every used or pre-owned vehicle to reduce the risk to the buyer. These vehicles tend to be considerably more expensive than other used cars, but buyers still welcome savings over buying new and enjoy confidence the car won’t soon develop costly problems.

For a wide selection of new Ford vehicles, Ford trucks and used cars — as well as certified pre-owned cars and trucks — stop by Rokstad Ford in Ponderay, ID. They are locally owned and operated and provide a full-service garage to help maintain your vehicle. Rokstad Ford is your exclusive dealership in North Idaho offering Warranty Forever®. Warranty Forever® is included with every qualifying new and pre-owned vehicle offered at Rokstad Ford at no additional cost. Coverage includes 100% parts and labor and lasts as long as you own your vehicle. Explore their new Ford cars and trucks, used cars, and pre-owned inventory online, connect with them on Facebook, or call (208) 263-3127 for directions and business hours.

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