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What Tools Do You Need for Woodworking? May 17, 2019

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What Tools Do You Need for Woodworking?, Port Jervis, New York

From fixing that crooked kitchen cabinet to building a birdhouse from scratch, the possibilities of woodworking are endless. No matter what you’re planning on doing with the skill, you’ll need a few essential tools from a hardware store to get started. Before you begin your first woodworking project, make sure you have the following. 

3 Woodworking Tools Every Beginner Should Buy

1. Compound Mitre Saw

This power tool might look intimidating at first, but if you choose to stick with woodworking, it will become indispensable to your craft. Featuring a circular saw attached to a thick handle, you’ll need to grip the latter to pull the blade down into a piece of wood, creating a clean, efficient cut. This tool can also tilt to create a beveled cut

2. Drill Press

hand toolsThese tools are designed to be placed on a stable workspace, such as a table or counter, and they perform the same function as handheld drills. They feature a rotating spindle that makes holes in solid materials like lumber. For extra precision, the piece being drilled can be secured beneath the press with a clamp (a fastening device used to secure objects). You can buy a clamp in most hardware stores.

3. Lathe

A staple in any woodworking shop, the lathe has a spinning drive, on which a piece of lumber is placed. As the wood is turned on the device, it is pressed into various cutting tools that shape or sand down the surface evenly. Essentially, instead of drilling into the wood, the piece becomes the drill, shaping itself by turning on the lathe’s axis. 


If you’re interested in taking up woodworking as a hobby, get in touch with Berthiaume’s Neversink Lumber, a hardware store in Port Jervis, NY. They have over 60 years of experience and offer a variety of top-quality tools and advice. When you’re preparing for a woodworking project, you can count on their team to supply the essentials. For more information about their tools and services, visit the website. Call (845) 856-5161 to speak with a staff member at this hardware store.

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