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3 Sides That Pair Perfectly With Chili August 14, 2019

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
3 Sides That Pair Perfectly With Chili, Brooklyn, New York

Next time you dine at a restaurant, order a bowl of chili. A great source of protein, the meat and beans will keep you full and energized. Better yet, chili peppers contain capsaicin, which has antioxidants to keep you healthy. When deciding what to pair with your meal, consider ordering a side of one of the items below.

3 Foods That Complement Chili

1. Tortilla Chips

Instead of traditional cornbread, pair a bowl of chili with corn tortilla chips. The crunchy texture will balance the softness of the stewed beans and meat. If the chili is spicier than expected, the starch can help neutralize the heat. If you prefer more spice, alternate between dunking the chips in chili and a side of salsa.  

2. Southwest Salad

Danbury-Connecticut-restaurantAdding certain toppings to a bed of greens will enhance the Southwest theme of your dining experience. Eating fresh and roasted vegetables, such as lettuce and corn, can balance the salty, rich flavors in the chili. When eating out at a restaurant, you can also put fresh jalapeños in the salad to kick the chili’s heat up a notch, or you can have cheddar-jack cheese sprinkled on the salad to help cut the spice. 

3. Quesadilla 

Eating a quesadilla and bowl of chili is like having soup and a sandwich. The starchy tortilla casing and gooey, buttery cheese filling will help counteract some of the spice. Pico de gallo will enhance the flavor of onions and tomatoes in the stew. If you order vegetarian chili, you can add chicken to the quesadilla for an extra serving of protein. 


For a hot, flavorful bowl of chili, visit Buffalo Wild Wings. With 19 locations throughout Connecticut and New York, including Manhattan, Danbury, and Forest Hills, the restaurant is a favorite for those looking to enjoy wings, burgers, salads, and more delicious American food served in a lively sports bar atmosphere. Visit the restaurant online to find a location near you and become a Facebook follower to see pictures of the fare.