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3 Plumbing Issues That Are Common in Spring May 17, 2019

Naples, Ontario
3 Plumbing Issues That Are Common in Spring, Naples, New York

Warmer temperatures are always exciting after months of cold and ice. However, keep in mind that the warm weather and rain can also cause a number of home plumbing issues to develop. Catching these in time is essential to avoiding costly repairs. Here are a few to keep an eye out for.

A Guide to Springtime Plumbing Issues

1. Low Water Pressure

If the pressure seems to be low, check the valves to determine that they’re open. These can usually be found in the basement or along an exterior wall of the house. This issue could indicate a clog somewhere in the pipes. Hair and food particles that find their way down the drains can block the pipes and prevent the water from getting to where it needs to go. Having a professional perform drain snaking is often the most effective method for breaking them up.

2. Sluggish Drains

plumbingIt’s common for the curved parts of the plumbing system to accumulate varying levels of sediment and debris. Once a buildup blocks most of a pipe, the water won’t be able to pass, causing the drains to back up. This could make basic tasks like doing the dishes difficult. It can also leave a dark ring around the bathroom fixtures by allowing dirty water to sit in the basin for too long. 

3. Leaky Faucets

The constant dripping of a leaky faucet is irritating, and it can waste gallons of water per day. Check the seals around the base of the faucet and the aerator, which is at the end of the spout, to ensure that they’re tight. This issue could also reveal that the internal components have reached the end of their life span and require a full replacement. Have a professional inspect the system to determine if any parts are rusting or broken. 


If you’re concerned about any of the above issues, contact Valley Mechanical. This locally owned plumbing and HVAC company has been providing quality services since 1999 and is recognized in Naples, NY, for their efficiency and skill. Call (585) 374-6866 to request a free estimate, or visit their website for additional information about their services.

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