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3 Unique Alternatives to Dental Floss June 12, 2019

Webster, Monroe
3 Unique Alternatives to Dental Floss, Webster, New York

Dentists recommend flossing every time you brush your teeth or at least once a day. However, there's no getting around the fact that flossing can quickly become tedious work. If you find yourself skipping this step, choosing a different tool can help you stay on top of your oral hygiene. To help you care for your pearly whites, here are a few of the products that provide the same effect as flossing.

Dentist-Approved Alternatives to Traditional Flossing

1. Water Picks

A water pick eliminates the need for a string. This tool uses a strong stream of water to remove food particles from between the teeth. You attach it directly to a faucet or fill a small tank to supply the unit with water. Then, position it between your teeth and direct the flow. Since the jet is powerful, water picks are excellent for removing food and plaque. They are also well-suited to those with tight spaces between their teeth, who often have difficulty fitting a string between them. 

2. Disposable Picks

dentistDisposable floss picks are small plastic tools that come in a Y-shape. Floss is threaded through each arm of the device, letting you hold the base to guide the floss between your teeth. Disposable picks make for easy, single-handed flossing. They are also ideal for traveling or on-the-go oral care, since they can fit anywhere. On the downside, they tend to break easily and produce more waste than a string of floss.

3. Interdental Brushes

Interdental brushes have a handle and a small, thin head covered with soft bristles. You insert the brush between the teeth in the same way you’d do with floss. They are designed for multiple uses. Dentists often recommend them for patients who have mobility or gripping issues, since they come with a thick handle. Due to the larger size of the brush head, they may not be appropriate for people with small teeth.


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