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3 Questions to Ask When Selecting New Tires May 16, 2019

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3 Questions to Ask When Selecting New Tires   , Paterson, New Jersey

Lack of tire tread creates less friction, causing your car to skid. Not only does this put unnecessary wear and tear on your brakes and other vehicle systems, but it also puts you and your passengers at an increased risk of accident and injury. To best protect yourself and your vehicle, ask a technician the following questions when purchasing new tires.

What to Ask When Purchasing Tires

1. Do I Have to Replace All Four Tires at Once?

new tiresReplacing a flat with a single new tire may seem like a smart way to save money. However, when one tire is a completely different model and size, your vehicle may begin to pull to one side, putting uneven wear on all your tires. This will mean more frequent replacements to keep you safe on the road. For best results, replace tires in pairs and keep up with your routine tire rotations to ensure all four tires are wearing at the same rate.

2. Why Are Tires Priced Differently?

Tires are a crucial part of keeping you safe on the road. While there are plenty of affordable discount tire options available that can perform well, you’ll likely need to replace them sooner than you would alternatives made from premium materials. You may also encounter higher prices for specialty tires designed for challenging driving conditions and weather, such as heavy snow and rain.

3. Do New Tires Come With a Warranty?

When it comes to new tires, keep in mind that not all warranties are the same. Be sure to read the fine print to determine factors like length of warranty coverage, as well as whether the costs of repairing flats, rotations, rebalancing, and routine inspections will be free. If you travel often or plan to relocate, it’s also recommended to inquire about the coverage geography. If your warranty isn’t honored at all locations, you may run the risk of paying out of pocket for maintenance and repairs.



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