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How Sensory Toys Can Stimulate Your Baby's Developing Brain July 29, 2019

Mamaroneck, Westchester
How Sensory Toys Can Stimulate Your Baby's Developing Brain, Mamaroneck, New York

Children begin using their senses from a very early age to understand the world around them. Sensory play helps stimulate all their senses by encouraging them to explore different items, examine them, and figure out what they’re used for. Here is how children’s toys can stimulate your baby’s brain development and what types of toys your child should play with.

How Sensory Play Boosts Brain Development

Children who engage in sensory play regularly can strengthen their brain development. When they touch an item, they use their senses to memorize the experience. This leads them to develop and strengthen their cognitive skills, which are used to solve problems and create new ideas.

Sensory play is beneficial for a child’s early education. Since the brain uses sight as the first step to solving problems, children who are exposed to sensory play will already be able to assess and examine a problem in school. They’ll then use logic and reasoning to come up with a solution to the problem. Once they solve the problem, they’ll store it in their memory and use that technique in the future.

Best Children’s Toys for Sensory Development

With so many children’s toys available today, it can be tricky to know which ones to purchase for your little one. Here are a few beneficial toys that will help with your child’s sensory development.

  • children's toysPlay-Doh®: This putty-like toy can boost your child’s sense of sight and touch, and foster creativity. As they mold the dough in their hands, they become familiar with its consistency. They can create shapes and use various colors to mix new ones. This allows them to use their creativity to create different results with the same material, which can boost their problem-solving skills in school.
  • Building Blocks: Building blocks aren’t only fun, but they also foster your child’s sensory development. Your little one will enjoy feeling these textured blocks and stacking them. They’ll learn different strategies for successfully building the blocks without them crumbling to the ground, teaching them precision, memory, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Musical Toys: When children hear music—from lullabies to songs on an interactive toy—they can make predictions based on the song’s rhythmic pattern to determine what lyric is next. As they associate lyrics with sound, they store it in their memory to make predictions when they hear that song again. This boosts their pattern perception skills.



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