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3 Basic Lawn Fertilization Tips May 16, 2019

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3 Basic Lawn Fertilization Tips, Columbia, Missouri

Maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn requires regular care and plenty of vital nutrients. By applying appropriate lawn fertilization techniques, you can enjoy lush grass that thrives and staves off the ill effects of serious issues like diseases and insects. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your landscaping looks its best this season.

How to Properly Fertilize Your Lawn

1. Use the Correct Formula

There are many different types of lawn fertilization products available. The most effective option for the majority of landscapes contains slow-release nitrogen, which means that it feeds your lawn the nutrients it needs over time instead of delivering it all at the moment of application. Using a slow-release formula is advantageous because it prevents plants from burning, ensures even growth, and leaves valuable nutrients on the lawn for longer periods.

2. Apply It at the Right Time

lawn fertilizationWhen you use the product is just as important as the formula that you choose. The ideal time to begin fertilizing the lawn is in the spring and early summer when it’s not too hot. The slow release of nutrients promotes healthy growth into the summer months. Apply fertilizer well every six weeks through the summer, as greenery grows very fast at this time of the year and requires ample fertilization. Continue to use the product through October at the same interval. Grass grows in the fall, and the roots depend on those nutrients to remain healthy year-round.

3. Fertilize at the Appropriate Rate

Be cautious about how much fertilizer you apply to your landscaping. Be conservative and use less than what the packaging recommends for better results. The more that you apply, the greater the odds that your grass and plants will burn. But don’t be too lax about how much you put down, either — your lawn needs enough nutrients to grow strong and to combat the influx of bugs and weeds around them.


Your landscaping deserves only the best care. That’s why so many homeowners throughout Columbia, MO, trust the professionals at Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation. They’ve served the community since 1989, and offer a wide range of beneficial services including lawn fertilization, sod installation, and tree and shrub pruning. You can trust them to bring your outdoor space to life this season! Visit them online for details about their services, or call (573) 446-0858.

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