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What Are Vaping Box Mods? June 9, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
What Are Vaping Box Mods?, Hilo, Hawaii

If you’re just getting into the vaping scene, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the range of tools and tricks available. However, it’s easy to pick up on the most exciting trends once you learn the basics. As opposed to e-cigs and their disposable cartridges, box mods provide a more advanced, attractive option to vapers today.

What Is a Box Mod?

While e-cigs began the vaping phenomenon, pens soon followed. These models were prized for their bigger batteries, which meant less time in the charging station. Some vaping enthusiasts began building even bigger battery compartments out of a variety of containers, from tins to wooden boxes, and the box mod was soon born.

“Mod” is short for “modification,” as this vaping tool was simply altered to a user’s preference. Today, the term “box mod” refers to any vaping device that looks more like a box than a pen or cylinder. The mod has many bells and whistles besides batteries as well, from digital screens to enhanced circuit boards.

What Are the Benefits of This Style?

vapingThe main benefit of using a box mod vaping device is that it can hold more batteries than a pen—up to four in some cases. That means you can enjoy your vape for hours on end without having to park it near an outlet.

When vaping, box mods also boast enhanced vapor production for larger, more dramatic clouds. Vaping enthusiasts who are interested in performing tricks, such as smoke rings, appreciate the heavy stream of the gas.

Finally, box mods offer more space for manufacturers to include internal electronics, so these models often come with more customizable features. With some box mods, you can adjust the level of e-liquid flavor you want to enjoy or vapor you want to produce for total personalization.


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