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What to Know About Achieving a Healthy Weight May 20, 2019

Northwest Harris, Harris
What to Know About Achieving a Healthy Weight, Northwest Harris, Texas

With summer on its way, it’s only natural to think about how you might look in that bathing suit. But if you’re concerned about excess body fat, don’t rush into any weight loss strategies that may not be effective or safe. Instead, talk to your primary care provider about the basics of healthy weight management, discussed in general terms in the guide below.

What Are the Benefits of a Healthy Weight?

Burning excess body fat will do more than give you a sleeker profile. This transition will also dramatically improve your health. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain, those who can safely lose five percent of their body weight will experience reduced blood pressure and better cholesterol levels. Together, these benefits can help reduce your risk of many serious health threats—including heart attacks and stroke.  

How Much Should I Weigh?

primary careEach body is different, so there is no one “perfect weight” for everyone. One way to calculate your body mass index—a measurement that illustrates one’s ideal weight in relation to their height. However, this scale is not always accurate—especially for those who may be more muscled. For a more specific recommendation, see a primary care provider for a physical.

Which Weight Loss Strategies Are Risky?

While there are endless weight loss programs available, not all are effective. Some may even be dangerous. For example, crash dieting can cause you to miss out on essential nutrients and lose weight that will only come back when you start increasing your food intake again. There are also several unapproved supplements on the market that could put your body at risk.

What Are Some Safe & Effective Ways to Slim Down?

Those trying to lose a modest amount may be able to achieve their goals on their own by increasing their physical activity levels and carefully reducing their calorie intake. However, if you’re searching for lasting results, consider talking to a primary care provider. These professionals can introduce you to a variety of programs that are optimized for your specific situation—as one’s genetics and health issues can also have an impact on their ability to lose weight.  


When excess body fat is preventing you from leading a healthy life, Access Health Clinic can help you achieve your wellness goals. As a primary care provider based in Spring, TX, this clinic offers comprehensive weight loss programs that are tailored to your needs. Through stress management techniques, behavioral modification, nutritional management, prescription medications, and other strategies, these board-certified nurse practitioners will help you shed pounds safely over the long-term. Visit this family clinic online to learn more about their services. For questions about weight loss programs, call (281) 251-8700.