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4 Accessories to Get Your Truck Ready for the Outdoors May 21, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
4 Accessories to Get Your Truck Ready for the Outdoors, Hilo, Hawaii

From its gorgeous beaches to its paradisaical hiking trails, Hawaii is full of places to enjoy the outdoors. Equip your vehicle with the right gear so that you and your family can enjoy the most of these adventure spots. With the right truck accessories, you can make your weekend trips across the island easier and safer.

How the Right Truck Accessories Can Help

1. Seat & Floor Covers

During your adventures, you’ll get wet, sandy, and muddy. Dirty sneakers and hiking boots can damage your vehicle’s carpets. Cleaning these contaminants off your seats and floors or trying to avoid getting sand in your car can be a never-ending battle, so protect your upholstery with durable, water-resistant seat and floor covers to prevent future messes.

2. Truck Rack

truck accessoriesIf you’re heading to the water with a kayak or surfboard, you need to carry it to and from the shore without damaging your equipment or truck. Instead of throwing your belongings in the back seat, secure everything to a truck rack for safe and easy transportation.

3. Bed Liner

Install a bed liner to keep the surface from getting gouged and scratched by sharp corners of grills and other metal pieces of equipment. Not only does this accessory keep the truck bed looking new, but it also provides added grip and traction so that your belongings don’t roll and slide along the surface.

4. Tonneau® Cover

Hawaii receives a significant amount of rain, especially during hurricane season. Protect the picnic baskets, camping gear, and fishing equipment in the back of your vehicle by installing a cover over them. This truck accessory can also be locked in place, ensuring your belongings are safe and secure from prying eyes.


If you want to equip your vehicle with these truck accessories, contact the knowledgeable team at Hawaii Campers in Hilo. This local business provides drivers with a variety of accessories, including reverse cameras, performance tires, and rain guards. They also offer free statewide shipping to customers on the neighbor islands. Call (808) 935-8349 to place an order, or view their catalog online.

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