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How Often You Need Septic Tank Pumping February 5, 2020

Waterloo, Monroe
How Often You Need Septic Tank Pumping, Waterloo, Illinois

For homeowners with septic tanks, one of the most vital steps in maintaining it is septic tank pumping. A septic tank works by separating the solid from the liquid waste and allowing the liquid to filter though the soil. Solid waste accumulates in the tank over time. During septic tank pumping, your local provider empties the septic tank and removes the solid waste for processing or safe disposal. This service is needed regularly throughout the life of your septic tank, so knowing when to schedule it is essential.

When to Plan Septic System Maintenance

Most septic tanks need to be emptied every two to three years. The main factors in determining an exact time frame are the capacity of the tank and the number of people in the home. The more the tank is used, the more often it will need cleaning. Other factors include increased water use. For instance, if you run a business from your home, have frequent visitors, or don't use water-saving appliances like eco-friendly shower heads and toilets, you’ll likely need to have it pumped more frequently as the tank will fill up more quickly than can be released into the drain field.

How to Tell If You Need Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank PumpingWhen it's close to time to have your septic tank emptied, you may notice that drains throughout the home empty more slowly. If you're overdue for pumping, you may have problems with your drains backing up, and you may notice unpleasant odors or standing water outside near the tank or drain field. Plants growing over a leaking or backed up septic tank may grow especially green and healthy. If you see these signs, you need septic tank pumping, and you may also need repairs to seal any leaks and remove any pipe clogs.


If you need septic tank pumping, schedule with J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning in Waterloo, IL. This local business serves Monroe County clients, offering excavation, sewer, and septic service. Additionally, they offer sewer line cleaning to remove stubborn clogs and restore functionality to your septic system. Learn more about their septic services online, and call (618) 939-3001 to request a free estimate on septic installation.

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