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How to Decide Which Storage Unit Is Right for You May 21, 2019

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How to Decide Which Storage Unit Is Right for You, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Whether you’re downsizing and need extra space or you to store items during a move, a storage unit is a perfect solution. These facilities offer a variety of sizes, and finding the right one is critical for ensuring you can fit everything inside easily. Here’s a breakdown of the most common options to get you started. 

What Storage Unit Size Should You Choose? 

1. 5-by-10

With 50 square feet of space, this storage unit can house items from a mid-size bedroom, walk-in closet, or home office. Usually, a queen-sized bed, television, dresser, and a few boxes will fit well. This is also a great size for a college student with belongings from a dorm room.

2. 10-by-10

This size offers 100 square feet and can fit an apartment’s contents, or a full living room and two small bedrooms. This includes mattresses, nightstands, bookshelves, and more. The contents of a small one-car garage may also fit inside.

3. 10-by-15

Tstorage unithe contents of three full bedrooms will fit comfortably in this storage unit, which spans 150 square feet. You can also house pianos, tables, couches, large appliances, and televisions inside.

4. 10-by-20

Offering 200 square feet, a 10-by-20 storage unit provides ample room for a single home’s furniture, appliances, and boxes. Typically a three- or four-bedroom house or apartment can be kept here when you are between locations. It’s also a good choice for storing one vehicle.

5. 10-by-30

A larger home’s items can fit well in this storage unit. This spacious choice offers 300 square feet and is the largest space available at most storage facilities. About the size of a one-and-a-half car garage, vehicles, including boats, can be kept inside. These units are also ideal for holding seasonal and outdoor equipment.


Once you determine what size storage unit you need, head to Northgate Mini Storage in Jacksonville, AR. Their convenient facility offers unit sizes ranging from 5-by-10 to 10-by-30, ensuring you can find the right amount of space for your belongings. The storage facility is also open seven days a week and offers customers security features such as ample lighting, computerized entry, and a friendly staff member on-site to answer any questions. Visit their website for current coupons, or call (501) 985-5054 to request your unit today.

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