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Window Installation FAQ May 29, 2019

Sharonville, Sharonville
Window Installation FAQ, Sharonville, Ohio

Depending on the type, house windows have a life expectancy between 10 and 40 years. At some point during your tenure as a homeowner, you will likely have to worry about replacement window installation. If that happens, you will have plenty of questions. To ease your mind about the process, below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about window installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Installation

Are replacement windows installed from the inside or outside?

Many homeowners are concerned about workers traipsing through their home and ask if the replacement windows are installed from the inside or outside. In all cases, window installation takes place from the outside and inside of the home. Professional window contractors will treat your home with respect and take care not to leave a mess.

Are windows installed year-round?

replacement windowsAnother concern homeowners have is whether they must wait until spring to schedule replacement window installation and if heat loss during cold weather is a problem. In most areas, you can schedule window installation during any season with no fear of outrageous energy bills. The installation process usually takes only a day or two, and any heat loss should be compensated for over the next few months by the improved insulation of the new windows.

How can you prepare your house for window installation?

Remove any curtains, blinds, or other window treatments that might interfere with installation or removal. Deactivate any security sensors and trim back landscaping, bushes, and hedges to provide clear access to your windows for the installer.

Does my interior and exterior trim remain?

99% of the time the interior trim that is attached to the wall will remain intact. It may require a smidge of touch up paint. All exterior trim will get covered with new trim to match the existing color of the window.


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