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How Do Judges Set Bail? May 23, 2019

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How Do Judges Set Bail?, Silver Hill, North Carolina

After being charged and arrested for a crime, obtaining freedom is a top priority. Fortunately, most individuals qualify for temporary release as long as they pay the bond amount set forth by the court. The first step toward limiting time behind bars is understanding the complexities of the process. Here's a closer look at how judges set bail in North Carolina.

When’s the Amount Decided?

Within a few days of the arrest, a hearing takes place in which the judge determines the terms of the release and the conditions of the bail. In some cases, an unsecured bond is set, which doesn't require any monetary payment unless the individual misses a court appearance or breaks the rules outlined by the judge. However, a secured bond is more likely. In this scenario, your release is dependent on paying the set amount.

What Factors Affect the Total?

bondThe type and severity of the crime is the top consideration when choosing a bond amount. The judge also reviews a person's criminal history as well as their risk to society. Others factors include the defendant’s employment responsibilities, mental stability, behavior during and after the arrest, and financial resources.

What Are the Limits in North Carolina?

Unlike the total jail time, North Carolina doesn't set maximum amounts for bail bonds. Instead, the courts are given suggested bond ranges based on the type of offense. For instance, the official recommendation bond for a Class A1 Misdemeanor charge is between $500 to $3,000, while a Class I Felony is set between $1,000 to $10,000. While such guidelines serve as a baseline for the courts, the ultimate power belongs to the judge.


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