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3 Recent Changes in Modern Funerals May 17, 2019

East Haven, New Haven County
3 Recent Changes in Modern Funerals, East Haven, Connecticut

It’s never fun to think about the loss of a loved one, but it is a good idea to know what you or your loved one expects for their memorial service. This will make the funeral process easier on people who are already grieving. The list below explains some new developments in memorial services and burial options.

New Shifts in Funeral Traditions

1. Cremations

funeralAs cemetery space fills up, it’s becoming more common for people to request cremation. Not only is this practice becoming more accepted in a variety of faiths, but it also makes it easier to choose a meaningful final resting place. Whether the ashes will be sprinkled or kept by a surviving spouse or loved one, cremation makes it easy to commemorate the people and places that mattered most.

2.  Eco-Friendly Options

As environmental consciousness grows, many people want their final rites to have a limited impact on the Earth. For some, this means finding a coffin made of recycled wood fibers. Others may try to find a cemetery that allows burials without vaults. You can also ask that mourners plant a tree in their memory to give back to the planet.

3. Technology to Aid in Grieving

It’s possible that some friends and family members of your deceased loved one may not be able to attend their memorial service. By using a video streaming service, you can share the memorial service with anyone who is grieving from afar. It’s also more common for families to find emotional support with online grief support and counseling.


If you need help planning a memorial service for a loved one, or you want to pre-plan your own arrangements, work with the compassionate staff at Porto Funeral Homes. They have locations in both East and West Haven, CT, where they offer cremation and traditional burial. They’ll also help you hold a meaningful memorial and handle logistics such as death certificates, wills, and official filings. Get in contact by calling (203) 467-3000 for East Haven, (203) 934-5000 for West Haven, or by visiting them online.

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