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4 Factors That Delay Divorce Proceedings May 16, 2019

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4 Factors That Delay Divorce Proceedings, Lexington, South Carolina

Realizing you want a divorce is never pleasant. While you may wish to expedite proceedings with the help of your divorce attorney as much as possible, there are numerous factors that delay the process. Take a moment to learn about these factors so you approach proceedings with the flexibility necessary to quick turnaround times.

What Slows Down a Divorce?

1. Document Issues

Some divorce delays are simply due to document issues. If you and your spouse file for divorce separately, you may have different waiting periods. Rather than waiting for both of your divorce papers to come in, agree that one of you should file and the other will not contest it. Other document problems can also delay proceedings, such as one of you forgetting to sign the divorce papers but mailing them anyway.

2. Disagreements Over Assets & Child Custody

divorce attorneyDivorces can take over a year when couples cannot agree on the splitting of assets or spousal and child support terms. If you have children with your spouse, put their interests first to come to terms quickly, especially since state law dictates how much child support the non-custodial parent will pay. If you cannot agree on who gets what, such as who gets the house and who gets the car, think about whether you really want the asset in question. Stay calm and collected during meetings with your spouse and divorce attorneys to achieve resolutions quickly.

3. Hopes of Reconciliation

Sometimes one party delays proceedings in the hopes of reconciling. The individual may not sign divorce papers or appear at hearings because he or she believes you will get back together. Be kind but firm to help the person understand that while the marriage part of your relationship is unfortunately over, you still hope to be friends one day. This is especially important if you have children and will be co-parenting.

4. Bitterness & Resentment

Another reason proceedings can drag is due to one or both parties’ bitterness. While feelings of anger, sadness, and hurt are normal as you navigate this new phase in your lives, delaying things will not make anything better—it will have the opposite effect. Divorce mediation often helps if hearings continue to get nasty so you and your ex can move on with your lives.


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