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Try These 4 Stylish Drapes in Your Home May 15, 2019

Try These 4 Stylish Drapes in Your Home, Kauai County, Hawaii

Drapes play an aesthetic and functional role in home interiors: they add color and texture to the space while controlling the amount of light and heat that enters it. Plus, these window treatments are available in a variety of styles that are easy to match to your interior design scheme. Here are some of the most popular types of drapes on the market.

4 Trendy Drape Styles for Your Home

1. Pleated

Drapes with pleated panels have a more traditional look, making them perfect for formal living and dining areas. With pleats sewn into the top of the panel, they create a dramatic decorative effect. Types of pleats include the goblet, the folds of which are shaped like wine glasses; the pencil, which consists of tight and clean folds; and the pinch, which resembles small fans.

2. Ripple Fold

These types of drapes bunch together to create ripples that glide smoothly on a track. They’re easy to open and close, making them ideal for covering glass elements of the home you use more often, such as sliding doors. Create depth with your ripple fold drapes by layering sheer fabrics over opaque ones. 

3. Grommet drapes

Grommet drapes consist of lined or unlined fabric hung from sleek metal rings. For a cohesive look, match the color of the grommets with your rods and hardware. Popular finishes include polished and antique brass, satin nickel, chrome, and jet black. 

4. Tab-Top Loop

Tab-top drapes feature loops sewn into the top of the panel, allowing them to hang without bunching the fabric, showcasing its colors and patterns. Since they’re more difficult to open and close, tab-top loops are best for covering windows you don’t use often.


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