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3 Mosquito Control Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer May 15, 2019

Fountain City, 2
3 Mosquito Control Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer, 2, Tennessee

As the weather warms, mosquitoes become more active and numerous. In recent years, these pests have become even more dangerous. But just because they’re in season doesn’t mean you should have to put up with them. With a few well-considered mosquito control tactics, you can greatly reduce their numbers around your home and property. Here are some simple tactics that will help. 

Mosquito Control Tactics

1. Limit Standing Water

Since standing water is where mosquitoes lay their eggs, its removal should be your top priority. Start by walking around your property and ensuring all hoses and faucets are fully turned off. Next, pick up any containers that can easily collect water, such as a flowerpot or dog bowl. Finally, see if you spot any current pools of standing water, and strategize for how you can mitigate them, such as with large stones to fill a shallow basin. Keep in mind that even a small amount of water can still be a breeding ground. 

2. Plant Natural Deterrents

mosquito controlThere are some plants that double as mosquito control mechanisms, so consider planting a few to help keep the pests away. For instance, marigolds exude a smell that the bugs hate. The ageratum flower also provides an odor that will repel mosquitoes— they give off a substance called coumarin, which is utilized for mosquito repelling products found in stores. 

3. Secure the House

It’s worth taking a close look at all your windows and ensuring the screens haven’t begun to tear—even a small opening can be enough for a mosquito to slip through. The best case is if you can close all windows and doors and rely on your air conditioning for cooling—that way you can create a seal. It’s worth limiting the times your door is left open as much as you can. 


For the ultimate in mosquito control, reach out to the premier exterminators at Southeast Termite & Pest Control in Knoxville, TN. Protecting the community since 1971, the locally owned and operated pest control company won an Angie’s List® 2014 Super Service Award and has operated complaint-free with the Better Business Bureau® for almost five decades. To set up an appointment to remove and deter mosquitoes from your property, call (865) 925-3700. Learn more about the wildlife control company by visiting their website

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