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5 Reasons to Hire a Charter Bus for an Event May 15, 2019

New York, New York
5 Reasons to Hire a Charter Bus for an Event, New York, New York

If you’re planning a group outing for a birthday, family reunion, bachelorette party, kayaking tour, or any other event involving many people, streamline the process by hiring a charter bus company. Their vehicles can accommodate groups of any size to make days and nights out even more fun. If you have an upcoming event, here’s how you could benefit from using a bus.

Why Use a Charter Bus Company For Your Next Event

1. Ensures Safety

Whether you need transportation for a wedding, anniversary party, birthday, night out, or any other event that involves alcohol, having a designated driver on call keeps you and your friends safe. Charter bus companies use only the most experienced drivers, so you can stay comfortable and continue the party in the vehicle as they take you home.

2. Saves Time

Charter bus drivers arrive where you want in a timely fashion so you don’t spend precious minutes waiting for a car service that keeps missing exits. If you live in a neighborhood where cabs are rarely around, this also prevents you from having to call a taxi service that can take a long time to arrive. Charter services also save time because you won’t have to wait for all of your friends or family members to arrive or depart, since they’ll all be coming with you.

3. Offers Comfortable Accommodations

charter bus companyRelax on cushy seats with your favorite people without feeling claustrophobic, too hot, or too cold during the ride. Charter buses provide ample space for everyone to move around, heating or air conditioning depending on the season, restrooms, and luggage space. Many charter bus companies also allow their clients to decorate their vehicles during a celebration to get everyone in a partying mood. 

4. Benefits The Environment

Reduce your carbon footprint by renting one or two buses instead of having everyone take separate transportation. If your event is for your business, this eco-friendly measure also allows you to emphasize your company as “green” and environmentally-conscious.

5. Saves Money

The more people participate in your event, the cheaper the final cost of your charter bus will be. This helps everyone save money on gas and tolls for their vehicles. It also keeps you from spending mileage, ensuring your personal vehicle is worth more for longer.


If a charter bus company sounds like the perfect addition to your next event, contact Urban Sherpa Travel in New York City and New Jersey. In business since 2004, they offer transportation for events and excursions of all kinds. They also offer packages to popular skiing and snowboarding destinations to help you escape the bustle of the city. Visit their website to learn more about their trips around New York State, or call (917) 692-5222 to book your bus.

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