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3 Current Trends in Men’s Facial Hair May 20, 2019

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3 Current Trends in Men’s Facial Hair, Anchorage, Alaska

Whether you prefer a smooth chin or a scruffy beard, facial hair can completely transform a man’s appearance. Just like your clothing and haircut, picking a style that’s both flattering for your face shape and easy to maintain can give you lasting, high-quality look. If you need inspiration to help you choose your beard type, here are a few trends to consider and who they do wonders for.

3 Facial Hair Trends

1. Pencil-Thin Mustache

Reminiscent of classic Hollywood actors such as Clark Gable and Errol Flynn, the pencil-thin mustache is a timeless, sophisticated style. For a clean-cut appearance, have your barber trim it thin when you’re getting a haircut. Other variations of the style involve leaving a bit of growth and stubble around the line, or creating a part in the middle to add character.

2. Circle Beardhaircut

If you still want neat-looking facial hair but with added volume, the circle beard is a popular trend that will suit you. This style is characterized by a full mustache combined with a goatee to create a clean circle around the mouth. This is a flattering look for men with circular or squared face shapes or people with soft jawlines. A barber can outline the cut, making it easy for you to maintain it between your grooming appointments. 

3. Faded Beard

Faded beards are one of the more recent facial hair trends. The beard is trimmed so that your haircut blends seamlessly into it at the sides. This is a great look for comb-overs and textured side-part hairstyles as it helps to disguise thinning hair. It also works best with square and oval face shapes because it accentuates the jawline and lengthens the chin. 


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