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4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Garage May 15, 2019

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4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Garage, Welcome, North Carolina

It’s common for garages to accumulate a wide range of clutter, whether it be seasonal items or outdoor equipment. It’s no secret that neglecting to clean the space out on a regular basis could reduce the functionality. Do you miss keeping your car safe and sound where it belongs? Restore full use by following this simple guide and scheduling the necessary garage door repairs.

4 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Garage

1. Take Everything Out

The best way to sort through things is to lay them out in the driveway or the yard. This will give you a clear picture of all that’s been kept in the garage and provide a starting point for clearing the clutter. Place similar items next to each other to simplify the organization process, and get rid of items that haven’t been used in a while.

2. Open All Windows

garage door repairGarages tend to smell a little musty after having been closed up for most of the winter with no visits from your car. Give it a chance to air out by opening up all the windows and doors. This will help reduce moisture and prevent the possibility of mold and mildew growth.

3. Wipe Down Each Surface

With the amount of pollen that’s in the air, there’s bound to be a layer of dust coating every surface within the garage—and possibly some of that aforementioned mildew. This could easily infiltrate the house and cause respiratory issues to develop. Give the entire garage a good wipe down with a bucket of hot water and soap.

4. Perform Timely Repairs

Catching issues before they get out of hand and performing timely garage door repairs is the best way to ensure functionality. Otherwise, the mechanisms might not cooperate and cause a need for premature replacement. A routine inspection in the spring or early summer will allow you to identify potential problems and secure the appropriate garage door repairs. After all, if you’re putting an afternoon’s hard work into cleaning out the space, you’ll want to get the most out of it. And your car will thank you.


If you’re concerned about the condition of your garage door, set up an appointment with the professionals at MAC Garage Door Company, Inc. This family-owned company specializes in garage door repair and installation and has been serving the Lexington, NC, community for more than 40 years. They work with the finest products in the industry and utilize the most efficient techniques, earning a dependable reputation among their clients. The two-year install warranty with extended service helps, too. Call (336) 731-7849 to request a free estimate for an upcoming repair or visit their website for additional information on their residential garage doors.

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