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3 Spring Septic System Maintenance Tips May 15, 2019

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3 Spring Septic System Maintenance Tips , Middletown, New York

Homeowners rely on their septic systems to effectively transport and treat their residential waste. Like any other home equipment that sees heavy use, a septic tank requires routine maintenance to keep it functional and avoid costly damage. Experts agree that the spring is the best time to schedule septic service, which will ensure your system is ready for the warmer season. To help you care for your tank, here are a few steps to take to ensure it’s in top shape.

How to Maintain Your Septic System in the Spring

1. Inspect for Pooling Water

Heavy rainfall in the spring can flood the grassy area above a drain field. This can prevent water from flowing out of the septic system, leading to serious issues such as back-ups and sewage overflow. After a storm, inspect the area around your system for pools of water. If you find any, call a septic technician to ensure your tank is draining to prevent damage.

2. Clean the Filter

Filters are placed inside of the septic tank to prevent solids from entering the drain field. However, they should be changed at least once a year to remain effective. Remove the filter from the baffle and clean it with a hose to remove debris so they don’t cause clogs. Once it’s pristine, you can place it back inside the unit. 

3. Schedule Septic Pumping

septic systemYour septic tank will need pumping every three years to remove built-up liquids and sludge. This prevents your tank from overflowing with accumulated waste. Spring is the best time of year to schedule septic pumping because the soil has thawed from the winter, allowing technicians to easily access your tank. It also ensures your system is ready to handle the rainfall that comes with the warmer months.


When you’re ready to schedule pumping or other maintenance for your septic system, call A-1 Sewer Service. For nearly 40 years, this locally owned and operated business has offered comprehensive septic solutions to residents throughout Middletown, OH and the surrounding areas. From septic tank installation and drain cleaning to pumping and 24/7 emergency repairs, you can count on them for reliable results. Call (845) 294-5524 to schedule an appointment or visit them online to learn about their full list of services. 

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